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“AAJIVIKAA” Market Place for rural Entrepreneur Summary- A program that is dedicated to providing a wide range of business opportunities to the entrepreneurs living in rural areas with the information about the products to be made, registration of all products, setting up of production units, Preparing goods for sale, reaching it to the local market, is a solution to problems like availability of raw materials Will serve not only the beneficiaries of the first parcel, but also the beneficiary of the last parcel. Introduction- Nowadays rural entrepreneurship is a major opportunity for those who necessarily migrate from rural areas or semi-urban areas to urban areas. On the contrary it is also a fact that most rural entrepreneurs are facing many problems due to non-availability of primary facilities in rural areas, especially in developing countries like India. Financial problems, lack of education, inadequate technical and ideological capacity are currently very difficult for rural entrepreneurs to set up industries in rural areas. Certainly, the economic development of our country depends to a large extent. Industries in rural areas. Certainly, the economic development of our country depends to a large extent on the development of rural areas and also on the quality of life of its rural people. Rural entrepreneurship is definitely one of the most important inputs for the economic development of a country and for areas within the country. Today entrepreneurs are motivated to achieve success in their business, along with the qualities inherited by a dreamer, leader, manager, innovator, constant learner, and decision maker and all these qualities are applied in the work is the most important thing to do. Certainly, entrepreneurs exemplify turning their dreams into reality. More importantly, the story behind the realization of dreams is to set goals on a large scale and remain committed to achieving them, regardless of the obstacles that drive them unmatched passion. And the ambition to achieve the goal. Undoubtedly it sounds fascinating, engaging and inspiring after listening to the stories of entrepreneurs, but certainly success is not as easy as it always looks.


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